The pair bonding theory argues that infants born to paired couples bonded through frequent orgasms have a better chance of survival, making the female orgasm evolutionarily significant to the survival of the species. In addition to the by-product theory, there are several other major hypotheses for why females orgasm. The truth probably lies somewhere between Shakespeare's poetry and Darwin's pragmatism. This biological reality, Wolf points out, clashes jarringly with the dominant culturally constructed fantasy of how sexual intercourse is supposed to proceed: If female orgasm is an adaptive behavior, then there are plenty of women whose genes are headed the way of the dinosaurs. The increase in sex steroid hormones leads to maturation of the gonads and other reproductive organs. Compounding researcher problems are problems of gathering participants for sex and orgasm studies.
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Researching female orgasm.

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By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy. This idea became so rooted in 20th-century health that an inability to reach orgasm through heterosexual penetrative sex became a diagnosable condition in the DSM III i. This release of mucus removes urine and old sperm from the urethra and provides lubrication for semen during ejaculation. As a consequence, genital hemodynamic changes before and after ovariectomy may be minimal. So in lieu of sworn testimonials from the animal kingdom, the "proof" of female orgasm's adaptive value still redounds to the person who can tell the most convincing story about its history of selection. An alternative to hormonal treatment is the utilization of P2Y2 receptor agonists, which have been shown to increase mucin production and blood flow in other systems.
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Orgasms: Facts, types, causes, and misconceptions

Researchers generally use Masters and Johnson's description of human orgasm as evidence of orgasm in other species as well. The way in which any given culture treats the vagina — whether with respect or disrespect, caringly or disparagingly — is a metaphor for how women in general in that place and time are treated. Furthermore, the less time it takes to philander, the more time there is to eat--another essential component of survival. The monumental problem confronting anyone who wants to explore the antiquity of orgasm is the difficulty of ascertaining, even in existing animals, who has orgasms and who does not. Premature ejaculation is likely to be caused by a combination of psychological factors such as guilt or anxiety, and biological factors such as hormone levels or nerve damage. Basically, according to the by-product theory, opposite sex siblings possessing a similar genetic code would have similar orgasmic function. Orgasm is the altered state of consciousness associated with primarily genital sensory input.
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The testicles are drawn up toward the body as the scrotum tightens. Orgasms were sometimes seen as unhealthy or wrong, and orgasms that were achieved through stimulation that was not heterosexual vaginal intercourse was considered unacceptable 1, 2. Another common misconception is that transgender people are unable to orgasm after gender reassignment surgery. Blood vessel dilation can lead to the woman appearing flushed, particularly on the neck and chest. For both sexes, the pudendal cataclysm typically lasts less than a minute. The tenuous link between orgasm and intercourse in women has led other theorists, including Donald Symons, to conclude that the female climax is more accident than adaptation. Medical professionals have used physiological changes to the body as a basis for a definition, whereas psychologists and mental health professionals have used emotional and cognitive changes.
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The physiology of an orgasm

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